Fragrance Collections

Interior fragances by Chabaud share familiar smells, like those that are preserved in our memories and happy moments. To delight in the home, a wide range of scents are available and are constantly changing over the seasons.

Grandes Maisons

Fragrances of grand manors whose landscapes allow us to envision dreams through a garden, the weathered wood of furniture and the romance of old-fashioned vanity tables with the scent of rice powder.


The fragrances signify the awakening of three major scents expressing femininity in its most pure with notes of rose, musk, amber and jasmine.

Pays Lointains

A balanced harmony of floral notes, precious perfumes, tea, wood and spices evoke the mysterious lands of the East near and far.

Sweet Milk

A variation of the fragrance of gourmet vanilla accented with the familiar scent of milk and praline. A sweet treat this is a collection of three fun, modern flavours.

Winter Perfumes

The aromas of sweet spices and extravagant tables dressed for celebration. The warmth of a chalet in the mountains surrounded by pine forests.

Mediterranean Gardens

Under the Mediterranean sun, heat releases the fragrance of lavender, cotton cloth and lemon. A vegetable garden and the soft, sweet notes of fig and orange blossom.