Maison Chabaud

Chabaud Maison de Parfum is a family owned French niche perfume brand from Montpellier, specialised in the production of luxury eaux de parfum, eaux de toilette, interior fragrances and candles that create a universe of pure elegance.

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The Vision

Following the traditional heritage of French perfumery and the creativity of Chabaud we are able to make special products and unique creations for our customers. We believe that a great perfume always has a beautiful story to tell. If a scent makes your heart beat, it shows a desire, a dream, a longing. With its evocative power the past is reinvented, dreams of the future are conceived, and ideas shared.

Perfumes from Montpellier

Amidst this tradition and the passion for perfumes, a fragrance collection was born that covers an entire universe of exquisite beauty. In 2012, the brand was redesigned and introduced in 2013 at the famous niche fragrance Esxence fair in Milan. Chabaud’s new line of Eaux de parfum quickly found recognition and is now available in selected perfumeries and shops, in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Russia, Romania, Korea, Japan and the United States.


"Every Chabaud product is entirely made in France. Our fragrances communicate a style seductive in its purity, a new luxury of great sophistication. We invite you to discover our fragrances with their evocative names: Innocent Fragilité, Etoile de Lune, Vintage, Chic et Bohème plus many more."