Eaux de Parfum

Eau Ambrée

Spray 100 ml


An interplay of feather-light citric notes, warm and soft tones that are nevertheless full of character and profile. “Eau Ambrée“ is a fascinating play that, through the hand of a master, becomes a true harmonious creation. Fragrance par excellence for women and men.

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As if carried by a sea breeze on the Mediterranean we encounter summery citrus notes of fresh tart bergamot, ripe lemon and neroli, the oil from the flowers of the bitter orange. These correspond in a sophisticated dialogue with the base notes, where soft leather accents chime together with balsamic and sweet benzoin. Restrained roses and powdery iris notes act as mediators of this pair, without pushing themselves too much to the forefront.

top note

Bergamot, Lemon, Neroli

heart note

Rose, Iris

base note

Ambergris, Leather, Benzoin