Caprice de Jeanne

Caprice de Jeanne
Caprice de Jeanne
Caprice de Jeanne
Caprice de Jeanne

Caprice de Jeanne


Spray 30ml/100ml

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Fruity Wood

This fragrance narrates the story of Jeanne, a woman of fearless character, influenced by her journeys in the Middle East and her sun-soaked summers in the Mediterranean. Caprice de Jeanne, a woody and fruity perfume, encapsulates the magical blend of rich Oriental traditions and the summery sweetness of cherry-picking moments in the South of France. Inspired by Jeanne's enigmatic personality, this fragrance is a rich and intricate composition that captures her elusive charm.

Caprice de Jeanne opens with a fruity prelude, combining blackcurrant, mandarin, pear and lychee, evoking seduction and elegance. At the heart of the fragrance, a comforting gourmand bouquet is formed with notes of rose, cashmere wood, cherry, and raspberry pulp, recalling Jeanne's sweet childhood memories. The base note reveals the magic of Oud wood, captivating the senses with its warm, sensual notes, creating a unique olfactory imprint. Each note contributes to a luminous, carnal reading, revealing a remarkable complexity.


blackcurrant, mandarin, pear, litchi, pink pepper


rose, cashmere wood, cherry, raspberry pulp, patchouli flowers


musk, dry amber, oud, cedar wood